How to Travel to 23 cities in 8 weeks with a six-year-old

23 cities in eight weeks. Not The Amazing Race, but our summer when your partner works for a global company. A few days after our six-year-old’s kindergarten graduation in Washington, D.C., we packed three small carry-on bags and boarded a plane to Vienna, Austria.

An executive for a medium-sized tech company, my wife needs to visit each international office. Last summer, we spent six weeks in Mexico. This summer, we’re in Romania, Czechia, and Moldova. Tagging on weekend trips and personal travel, the count comes to 23 cities in 10 countries in just over eight weeks.

Here are the logistics of our trip.

We created a master Excel of each date, where we’ll be, where we’re staying, and how we’re getting there. With many planes, trains, ferries, buses, and rental cars, it’s the best way to stay organized. In the same Excel is a tab to keep track of work and personal expenses.

Since we’re moving around a lot, we each have a small carry-on bag and a backpack. Since we’ll have access to a washer and dryer in almost every city, we each packed 5-7 outfits total, a few books (that we’ll leave behind as we finish), toys for Addy, and a few other personal items.

In every country, we can easily buy clothes, toiletries, medicine, etc. as we need them.

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