What to do in Ostrava, Czechia

One of Czechia’s technology hubs, my wife’s work with 3Pillar Global took us to Ostrava, the country’s third-largest cities. A former mining city, remnants of the industry remain most notably in Dolní Vítkovice, a former mine that’s now an entertainment center.

Spending four full days in Ostrava, here’s what we did.


  • Corn soup at Hogo Fogo Bistro, a popular restaurant with beautiful design and a menu that changes weekly.
  • French toast with sweetened sour cream at CØKAFE Dolní Vítkovice, a cafe inside an old industrial building.
  • Katowicke rurky (a crispy roll filled with whipped chocolate cream) at PLATO Bistro, a cafe inside an old slaughterhouse that’s now an art gallery.
  • Kimchi fried rice from Rodem Korean Food & Cafe, a popular Korean restaurant that does takeout only after 4 p.m.
  • Okonomiyaki (savory pancake) at Maido, a Japanese restaurant and bar.
  • Scrambled eggs with chive butter on toast at AlterNativa Café, an inviting cafe in the Poruba neighborhood.
  • “Trouble Breakfast” of sausage, scrambled eggs, toast with chive butter, fruit, bacon, and more at Trouble Cafe, a spacious cafe with award-winning coffee.


  • Coffee at Black Tree Cafe, an award-winning coffee shop with a colorful yogurt/granola/fruit bowl.
  • Latte at Shothouse, a design-forward cafe with Wi-Fi and outlets.


  • Climb Bolt Tower, a tower with an observation deck built on top a former mining complex’s blast furnace.
  • Explore the lower Vítkovice Area, a former mining complex with galleries, cafes, concerts, and museums.
  • Jump around at HopJump, a three-level, indoor trampoline park.
  • Learn about science at the Science and Technology Centrum, a large museum with over a dozen exhibits.
  • Take the train less than an hour to Štramberk, a small town in the hills with a 14th century castle and Štramberské uši (gingerbread-type pastries only found here).


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