Exploring Bratislava, Slovakia in four hours

While in Vienna, Austria, my family decided to book last-minute boat tickets to Bratislava on Twin City Liner. Departing Vienna at 8:30 a.m. and returning on the 2:30 p.m. boat, we glided along the Danube River to the capital of Slovakia.

The ride is about 1.25 hours and no one ever checked our passports. (Bring them just in case!) With four hours to see Bratislava, here’s what we did.

  1. Ate brunch at Pan Cakes, a pancake and waffle shop in a cozy space.
  2. Took the public bus to the Bratislava Castle, a historic castle with city views and a playground on its grounds.
  3. Walked through the old city stopping into shops and markets.
  4. Ordered ice cream at Koun, a funky ice cream shop with flavors like halva with peanuts.
  5. Drank lattes at Follow Coffee, a cafe near the U.S. Embassy.
  6. Found quirky statues throughout the old city.

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