How to make the most of four days in corfu, greece

Pebble beaches are on the east end and sandy on the west side of Corfu, Greece’s seventh-largest island and one that dates back to 1300 BCE.

A 30-minute ferry ride from Sarande, Albania, we met two good friends from Washington, D.C. on the island for four days of exploration. Here are our recommendations.

(Renting a car is recommended if you have a driver fearless of small, windy, hillside roads.)


  • Chicken gyro from Corner Snack Beach Bar, an outdoor restaurant along the Agios Spiridon Beach.
  • Chickpea ragu at Moby Dick, a seafood restaurant along Ipsos Beach.
  • Feta cheese with sesame and honey at Avli Restaurant, a top-rated Greek restaurant with outdoor and indoor seating.
  • “Greek Breakfast Feast” (warm bread, butter, kumquat marmalade, soft boiled eggs, tomatoes, and feta) from Locale Coffee & Wine, a woman-owned boutique cafe in Corfu City.
  • Pastitsada (braised veal on top of spaghetti noodles) at Le Grand Balcon, a hillside Greek restaurant overlooking the water.
  • Spanakopita from Euterpis Iona Bakery, a no-frills bakery in the village of Ano Korakiana.
  • Stuffed grape leaves from Sokraki Villas Restaurant, a family-run restaurant on a mountain top.


  • Frozen strawberry daiquiris at La Grotta Bar, a popular and lively bar along the water with a diving board and cliff jumping.
  • Latte at Coconela, a design-forward popular cafe in Corfu City.
  • Pistachio latte at Mikro Cafe, a popular cafe with a full coffee menu in Corfu City.


  • Buy kumquat liqueur at To Kofini Traditional Products, a small shop with local products for tourists on the north end of the island.
  • Cliff jump along the Canal D’Amour Cliffs, breathtaking rock formations along the sea.
  • Rent hourly paddle boats along Agios Spiridon Beach, a beach with nearby coves worth exploring.
  • Stroll along the sand at Paralia Paramona, a less-crowded beach on the west end of the island.
  • Swim in the pool at D’Amour Beach Bar Restaurant, a spacious restaurant with a large drink menu where guest can take a dip in the pool.
  • Take an olive oil tour and tasting at The Governor’s Olive Mill, a local olive oil press that produces premium, award-winning olive oil.
  • Wander tiny cobblestone streets of Sokraki, a 14th century village on top of a mountain with breathtaking views.


  • Beautiful rock formations at Cape Drastis on the north side of the island.

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